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How Does It Work

Become a donor or allow
a deceased loved one’s corneas to be donated

The cornea

The cornea is the clear outer layer at the front of the eye & when removed causes no obvious change to the face.

Quick Procedure

It is a 10 minute procedure to remove the corneas. An open casket funeral is still possible after a cornea transplant.


It is transplanted into someone with damaged corneas & their sight is restored.


Removal of corneas needs to be done within 12 hours of death & causes no visible change to the deceased's face.

Cornea Transplant

About Us

What is the KZN Eye Bank?

The KZN Eye Bank is a non-profit section 21 company which undertakes to procure, medically evaluate and distribute corneal and scleral tissue which has been donated by caring individuals for use in cornea transplantation and scleral grafting.

The KZN Eye Bank has been registered through the South African Department of Health since 2003 and is open for audit at any time by the inspector of anatomy. Its function and operation is based upon internationally approved and locally recommended best practise standards.

Donor tissue is requested and utilised by medical doctors and opthalmologists registered by the HPCSA, within both the private and provincial hospital sectors.

The KZN Eye Bank does not utilise donated tissue for research purposes.

Useful Information

For Cornea Donors and Recipients

Donors & Donor Families

Who needs a cornea transplant?

Adults, children & even babies need transplants for a variety of reasons. A transplant may be necessary because of cornea failure hereditary, ageing or corneal disease. Should the cornea become cloudy from disease, injury or any other cause, vision will become dramatically reduced and sight can be lost.
A corneal transplant is a delicate, micro-surgical procedure that replaces a disc segment of an injured or diseased cornea with a similarly shaped piece of healthy donor cornea.
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Cornea Recipients

Where does the cornea come from?

There is no substitute for corneal tissue, so corneal transplants rely solely on corneal donation. Corneal tissue is obtained through an Eye Bank. The Eye Bank is a registered non-profit organisation, authorised by the Dept. of Health to obtain and distribute eye tissue to ophthalmologists for transplant purposes.
Donor corneas are recovered from the deceased, following family consent within 12 hours of death. The Eye Bank screens the donors for transmittable infections such as HIV and hepatitis.
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